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[29 Jan 2009|09:34pm]
I have a new website


Currently adding new work
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Movies [26 Dec 2008|11:40am]
Benjamin Button was all right. Too long and too slow. Frost/Nixon was really good, a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be, one of the better movies I saw this year.

I also liked

The Dark Knight
Tropic Thunder
Iron Man
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Let The Right One In

And I still want to see Slumdog Millionaire, Milk, The Wrestler, and Revolutionary Road
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[16 Sep 2008|02:51pm]
Gaelyn is moving in with me and everything seems calm and nice right now. It's exciting, I feel like I'm making a transition into my adult life. I only have a few classes this semester and I'm pretty interested in all of them. I made a marathon of the show Dexter and I'm pretty into it.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay dry.
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Yobama [10 Sep 2008|03:41pm]
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[10 Aug 2008|11:14am]
RIP Bernie Mac.

(October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008)
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[01 Jul 2008|01:35am]
I feel like I have so many words in my head but I can never seem to get them out. I've been wanting to be a writer lately but I hate writing. The sun makes me salty.
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[10 Jun 2008|05:05pm]
Does anyone want to go to Yellowstone? If the car is filled with 5 people it would be around $65 in gas for the entire trip. I would pitch in more though so it'd be cheaper. Let's go!!


Maybe if enough people wanted to go we could get a second car together and do a big group camping? I dunno!
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[09 Jun 2008|11:39pm]
Restlessss. I want to do something this summer. Really do something. Make a difference. Volunteer in another country or something. Looking into it.

I hope everyone is well.
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[03 Jun 2008|08:08pm]
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[30 Apr 2008|05:31pm]
I got a job at Pudge Bros delivering pizzas. Adding another job to the Ryan-Cory-John-Trevor work chain. I think I may finally need to get an iPod so I can listen to music while driving around.
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[21 Apr 2008|07:10pm]
I'd like to play some music with a band this summer, or something of the sort. Who's going to be in town? Trevor? Nic? Or are you guys staying in the house in B-Ham?
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[20 Apr 2008|07:55pm]
Holy crap.

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